Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Time in 2009

From the twinkling lights to the elegant colors nothing compares to snuggling up on the couch to a Christmas movie while surrounded by all of the holiday decor.

The fur babies enjoy it, too.

We mustn't forget about the home baked goodies and the few extra pounds...

It has been an interestingly warm winter here in Vermont. We made it through the month of November with weather in the 40's and even some days in the 50's. We finally had our first snowfall on December 5th.

Are you going to make some ornaments this year? Last year I made some ornaments using styrofoam balls, patterned paper die cut into 1" circles, ink and pins. I found the idea in the December 08' issue of Creating Keepsakes.

This year I wanted to add another style ornament to my mini tree. I found these uber cute ornaments here: http://www.kaisercraft.net/be-inspired/paper-crafts.html

I did mine a little differently then the ones you will find on the website above. I cut my strips smaller and didn't add the top layer. I also found that if you take the middle of the ornament on top and bottom and press and attach together you have yourself a handmade bow. I used my scraps and made little rings for the bottom tree branches.

Now, for the finished product... drum roll please...

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Pamela said...

These are all great photos!!! :)